Roof Replacement

A full roof replacement consists of the following:

  • Tear-off existing shingles down to the roof decking
  • Cleaning and preparing the roof decking
  • Replacing roof decking if needed
  • Installing new shingles (The brand and color customer choice)
  • Installing new step flashing on chimney
  • Installing new counter flashing on chimney, tuck point new metal into brick and solder metal work
  • Installing all new step flashing on sidewalls
  • Installing new valleys using the closed cut valley system (Metal Valleys available upon request)
  • Replacing any existing roof ventilation if necessary or installing new ventilation upon request
  • Cleaning all existing gutters
  • Painting exposed metal flashing and pipes
  • Cleaning-up and hauling away all debris
  • Picking up all debris around the house

How will I know to claim a full roof replacement?

If your roof is no longer made, in profile or color, it will be impossible to match the roof and entire sections will need to be replaced.