"Great, prompt, efficient, professional. The owner waa very knowledgeable and quickly got me all the samples I needed to make an informed deision. The warranty provided was top notch. Chimney work and a new roof.
Cincinnati, Ohio

"My new roof is beautiful. They had to remove 2 layers of old shingles, added strip edge and a gutter apron. I have noticed when it rains, it is much quieter in my home. And the water runs whee it's supposed to go - down the drain spout. Thank you Kruse roofing - my home is beautiful with my new roof.

I had significant storm damage and needed a new roof. Terri and her crew were so professional and kind. She made sure I knew when they would be there and checked with me first to make sure it was okay. They were prompt and were there when they said they were going to be. Also very neat and cleaned up the extra shingles and debris and took it all away that day."
October 2016

"The owner was very knowledgeable and professional. She promptly provided me with all the samples and information I needed to make informed decisions. I had my chimney repaired and a new roof put on. The crew was prompt and efficient. The warranty I received was top notch."
Kelli H.
December 2017

"Kruse Roofing were prompt and efficient. They left my house neat and clean. They removed my old roof that was damaged from the wind storm. My new roof they put on is beautiful. They used the highest quality roofing products. Now when it rains it is so quiet inside my house."
Shari D.
October 2017

"Tear off old roof and replaced with new. Great group. Very Nice. No problems. All around five star."
Amelia, Ohio

"Roof replacement due to storm damage. All went well. They were prompt, clean and efficient. They were in and out without much disturbance."
Cincinnati, Ohio

"They did a great job! Crew came on time, worked steadily, cleaned up the work site nicely each day, communicated with us in a timely fashion throughout the job and stayed within the costs projected. We highly recommend them."
Cincinnati, Ohio