Siding Installations

Siding adds massive curb appeal to your exterior and protects your house. If your siding is storm damaged, cracked, or falling apart, it can completely change the look of your home. It can also cause leakage and rot. Repairing and replacing old siding will not only protect your home, but it can also increase your home’s resale value. Let us help protect your home with durable, attractive, and low-maintenance siding!

Repair or Replace

We not only replace siding, but we can also repair it. We check siding carefully for cracks, rot, and storm damage. We seal up your home so it is safe and secure.

Long Lasting

The siding we work with most often is vinyl. This is an affordable, durable, and long lasting material which will give you peace of mind.


Want to install unique siding? We work with many types of materials including vinyl, natural cedar, wood shakes, and cement board. We also work with a variety of colors and customized siding.


About The Lady On The Roof ®

We make it our mission and goal to make a difference in building rehab and roof replacement using only premium high quality manufactured shingles, to include all premium manufacturer recommended components for a complete roof system. We take pride in using the proper components to include all materials on your ridge of your home, at the eaves of your roof, and all proper metals at your gable. Our goal is to help you have a secure water tight roofing system, while achieving the total beautification and aesthetic appearance of your home.

~ Terri Kruse

Owner of Lady On The Roof ®

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